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Drum Lessons in Asheville

Whether you need beginner drum lessons, intermediate or advanced, we have drumming instructors that will help take you to the next level.

Drum Lessons - What to Expect

Our instructors teach through examples, practical exercises, and skills studies. They give students the tools they need to find their unique style by setting up a solid foundation through technique, reading, theory, and meter.

Kids Drum Lessons

We work with kids from age 4 - 15 teaching them basic drum lessons, covering beginner beats and preparing them to perform rock songs they love with friends or with our Opening Act band.

Adult Drum Lessons

We work with adults ages 18+ whether you're a beginner drummer or not. Our Adult Rock Academy Program gives the structure need to learn or keep up your chops while working on songs you love.

Drum Lesson Instructors

John Caldwell James Kylen