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How much do lessons cost?

Our teachers are charging $105 a month(4 thirty minute private lessons).  Checks can be made payable to the students teacher. Tuition is due the last week of the month, paying for the upcoming month.

When are annual fees due?

Annual fees ($40 per household) are collected when you enroll and every year at the first of January.  You may use credit card, cash or check made payable to The Music Academy for annual fees.

How do I enroll?

The first step is to decide on an instructor.  Calling or emailing the school is an easy and efficient way to get help in narrowing down your field of choices.  Once an instructor is decided upon, that person will get in contact with you to answer further questions and to schedule a lesson time.

How should I pick a teacher?

Although sometimes teachers are decided upon based solely on their schedule and availability, you should consider what characteristics in a teacher are best suited for the student.  Sometimes students respond to a particular gender better than the other or perhaps they need a very structured environment.  The office personnel will ask you these questions to help narrow the field of instructors.  You will also be asked if the student is interested in a particular style of music or if he/she is wanting to learn a particular technique.

Can I get lessons longer than a half hour or more frequent than once a week?

Absolutely!  We recommend half hour lessons, once a week for beginners.  Those with more experience will probably desire longer or more frequent lessons.  Ask your teacher.

Who do I make checks out to?

Checks for tuition (each month) will be made out to the instructor.  Checks for the annual fee should be made out to The Music Academy.

Are there lessons offered in the summer?

Absolutely, summer is a great time for lessons.  We will gladly work around your vacation and camp schedules.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, call or email the office for a time to get a gift certificate.  They are available in any amount for any instructor.

What age should my child begin?

It depends on the instrument.  We can start on piano at 3 1/2 years old, violin/viola at 4, cello at five, guitar at 6, drums at 7.  Most of the band instruments we can start at age 9 or 10.  If you do not see your instrument listed here, please contact the office (828-252-1888).