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Guitar Lessons in Asheville

Whether you need beginner guitar lessons, intermediate or advanced, we have guitar instructors that will push you to the next level.

Guitar Chords and Scales

If you find that you need to learn new guitar chords to improve your playing, our guitar teachers will help you with a structured, methodical approach to integrating new chords into your repertoire. Learning new guitar chords and scales can improve your songwriting skills and allow you to effortlessly lay down some lead guitar when auditioning for bands or playing at jams. Whether you are interested in Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar, our music teachers can help you with every aspect of your instrument.

Bass Guitar Lessons

Good songs need a bottom end to keep the groove consistent. Our instructors will make sure you understand the principles of playing bass, working tightly with the drum to lay down the low end. Bass lessons can help you understand the equipment you'll need and how to hold the beat steady and funk it up when you need to.

Kids Guitar Lessons

We work with kids from age 4 - 15 teaching them basic guitar lessons, covering beginner guitar chords and scales and preparing them to perform rock songs they love on stage with our Opening Act band.

Guitar Lessons Instructors

Tim Doyle
Dave Dribbon
Emily Easterly
Brandon Townsend
Aaron Austin
Austin Barrett