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John Caldwell

Drums John started his musical journey at the age of ten, performing along with Beatles records with drumsticks on the living room furniture. His first band, Asbury Road, was formed when he attended Enka Middle School, and rock drumming was John's main focus. Marching band, rock bands, and Governor's School for Percussion were highlights of John's high school years. He later got a B.A. in Music at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and spent 5 years immersed in drumming, both in a scholastic setting, and in the clubs in Chapel Hill with his rock band, Vibe Merchant. John relocated to Los Angeles in 2002, where he played in countless rock bands, most notably North Hollywood's thrash outfit Psychosis. John currently lives in his family's 1914 farmhouse in Candler, where he raises chickens for eggs, and enjoys his garden. Here is a link to his personal website.

Lessons with John

What is more fun than pounding out a beat on the drums in front of an excited crowd? I love drumming, and I feel like instruction should be fun as well! I custom tailor the lesson to the individual, so I ask that students bring some examples of his or her favorite music. I focus on teaching through examples, practical exercises specific to the task at hand, and basic rudimentary work. I believe in setting up a solid foundation through technique, reading, theory, and meter, to give students the tools they need to find a truly personal voice through the drums. Drumming is such a rewarding activity that I am very excited about sharing my knowledge and skill. Being a drummer has created some of the best and most memorable moments of my life, and I am sure it can do the same for you as well. Learn more about John at: