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Nathan Kairis

nathanTowing the line between raw and polished is not easy, but that's Nathan  Kairis' specialty.  A recording should accurately represent how the band sounds without draining the life from every track.  The goal is to help every artist craft their sound to have an immediate emotional impact on the listener. Nathan's teaching style is hands-on and direct. He doesn't just teach what to do, but also why.  His interest in the history of the recording arts is apparent and his enthusiasm for audio engineering is contagious. Ask him  how to EQ a snare drum (if you have a few hours to spare). With years of experience under his belt, Nathan has worked with local heroes Radiant Beings Of Light, Horseflesh, Swamprot, Disco Goddess, and a number of others from punk to folk to electronic.  He also plays in a handful of bands based in Asheville and is a strong supporter of the local DIY community.