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What a wonderful bright spot in our lives that you have given to our family. I will never be able to say thank you enough for helping Heather develope her skills, the drummer you are helping Tommy to be and the fun that we get to share as a family. Toni you and Anne are special people and what you do touch so many people. We had I pray that you will be blessed in your hearts and your lives enriched in ways you cannot imagine.
Thomas Freeman

Hey! I just wanted to say that I am very grateful for you guys and the Rock Academy. I am glad we found you. This is a wonderful program and is benefitting Eli in so many ways. His self confidence is sky high and socially he is much more comfortable. Not to mention his musical abilities- between lessons with Patrick and playing with the band I am just amazed at how far he has come in such a short period of time. Patrick- you are awesome and I really appreciate everything you have done with Eli and the help you gave me in choosing a new guitar for Eli. I'm sure he will be playing it on Saturday with a huge smile on his face. He was beaming after the show on made me so happy and proud to see him so ecstatic. They really brought the house down with their set. So, many thanks to you's hard to describe how much this means to Eli (and myself!) and how much it is benefiting him. If there is anything I can do to help out at any time, please let me know.

Anne, Patrick and Toni~ What a wonderfully successful evening last night! Thanks to each of you for all you do to get such a performance together! Shea is having such a great experience with the group In Rock Academy. He thoroughly enjoyed last night and is growing both musically and socially from his time with the band. He also put many hours in on the keyboards in preparation, both figuring out and practicing his parts, and all of his own volition. Both the venue and the crowd truly give the performers a thrilling learning experience - something all too rare in our education these days. Bravo to you all for your work in putting together such a program!

Shea continues to be very enthused about joining the rock band he rehearsed with last Saturday. He has been practicing the music daily on his own and really likes both the music and the group. As both a parent and a music educator, I appreciate what I see in your organization. Patrick's expertise and enthusiasm are great, as is the music that is selected. (One of our frustrations with the group Shea was in last year was that they learned only a very few songs in many months, and it became very repetitive and much less engaging for Shea. I don't see that happening with this group.) The energy and enthusiasm of everyone around - students, parents, staff - was all very positive and welcoming. Bravo on creating such a wonderful organization for our community! With such a positive program, we are determined to find a way for Shea to join the group.
Lisa S

My son was very fortunate to have Patrick as his guitar teacher for eight incredible years. From the day my son and I met Patrick I knew there was going to be a great connection between them. My son was very young when he first started taking lessons but Patrick was able to relate to him and develop a life-long love of music and guitar playing. Patrick effortlessly instilled confidence and pride in my son’s guitar playing ability. Guitar playing at a very young age, I believe, must have some element of fun – fun enough for the child so they don’t think playing is work and don’t realize they are, in fact, actually learning. Patrick did this for my son and if I was able to predict the future, I believe my son will be playing the guitar all his life because of what Patrick has taught him on many different levels. I truly believe that if you choose Patrick as your guitar teacher you will consider yourself an extremely lucky person to have had that opportunity to learn from him and take advantage of his wealth of knowledge.
Mary N

As a guitar student, I was a self conscious adult with zero ability. Patrick created a safe place to learn, patiently simplifying concepts until I understood. When I became frustrated, he took me back to the beauty of a single note, reminded me to trust the process and I learned. I deeply appreciate his encouragement and infectious love of music.    
Darlene P

Patrick connects with our daughter, Jordana, in such a fun and warm way that she leaves her vocal/guitar lessons filled with joy. I so appreciate how he has always been able to recognize and support her vocal talent and consistently works to stretch her vocally, in such a positive and encouraging way. Our family feels we hit the mother load when we found Patrick. We have tried our share of teachers and Patrick is without a doubt , one of the people we feel most grateful for meeting and we feel he blesses Jordana’s life, and ours.
Jennifer Lazinsk and Harvey Kellman

Hamilton is pure invention, plain and simple; one of the best new Producer/songwriters to come along in years, a composer steeped in unrestricted synth formula basement reel sunshine pop aptitude with one ear resting on hip-hop continuum and the other inclined toward the mysteries of Moondog.
Carl Hancock Rux, (American writer, performer, and recording artist)

Hamilton is one of the most musical artist/ producers in the hip-hop world. I am inspired by the beats and the unique musical gifts that Fitz brings to all styles of music he touches with the energy and imagination of hip-hop originality. Fitz turns everything he touches into something classic...a Fitz Classic.
Roy "Futureman" Wooten, (Five-time Grammy Award-winning performer)

We would like to express how pleased we are to have Bill as our child’s piano teacher. Hi is talented and knowledgeable as a pianist and patient and understanding as a teacher. He has helped our son’s enthusiasm and talent. Owen always looks forward to his lessons.  Thanks Bill for helping to cultivate our son’s joy of music and his desire to learn

Amy Phelan & Elizabeth Owen

I’ve sung all my life and gotten conflicting suggestions on how to sing, developing bad technique along the way. In less than a year, Wendy corrected many flaws and improved my voice beyond what I hoped for. She knows how the voice works and how to teach it. I wish I’d had her training so many years ago.

Nancy Silver

Rob is kind and encouraging with my son, Justice and I really appreciate that he sees my child beyond his music ability.  My son will be a better person for having met you.  Thank you!

Lathonia Bennett

Byron is an outstanding teacher and performer. He’s an expert in many styles of percussion from classic rock to the world of polyrhythm. Byron knows when to push and when to praise my son, Luke.

Jim Taylor

John easily engages my 5 year old son in his lessons and had great patience.  Jack is truly enjoying his classes. I am extremely pleased.

Jennifer Chisholm

Wendy is great with technique and style. She’s taught me proper form and has exposed me to a whole new variety of music styles. We have worked on Broadway songs, opera and some jazz. She is a fabulous teacher. I have not only learned to sing notes, I’ve learned to write and read music theory. Wendy is great for people who are serious about music.  I love Wendy for everything she had taught me this year and I look forward to everything she will teach me in the year to come.

Andalyn Lewis

We adore Whitney.  She encourages Rain to stretch her talents.  We are very impressed. Thank you for all you do!!

Michelle Lupia

Anne - Congratulations on your "Person of the Week" award from WLOS!!  I realize YOUR reward is the pleasure and the blessings you receive through giving to the children, but I am so glad your were recognized for your gift, dedication, sacrifice, and knowledge.  The world is definitely a better place with you and people like you that pass on their gifts from generation to generation. CONGRATULATIONS--well-deserved!!
Ron Bradley

"Wendy is an amazing talent and lessons with her were always a pleasure. She made me feel very comfortable in my lessons; she instilled confidence and best of all...she made me want to learn more. I LOVE her spirit!"
Jarret Koski (B.F.A in Theatre Arts/Musical Theatre, Lees McRae College)

"Whitney has given my daughter what she was searching for: direction, instruction, and a belief that she can 'go for it'- no matter what the 'it' is. Whitney is an amazing person and instructor- we couldn't have prayed for more and gotten it.  She takes an interest in our daughter that is genuine."
mother of Ashlynn, age 17

"Since starting voice lessons with Whitney, we have noticed an exceptional increase in my daughter's vocal abilities.  She has gained the confidence to perform before large crowds and overcome virtually all anxiety.  Although she has always loved to sing, this experience has ignited a passion inside her for singing that has enriched her life and the lives of all those who hear her beautiful voice."
father of Caeley, Age 11

"Whitney is so grounded and present that I have no shyness to sing in front of her.   I’ve always wanted to sing, but made my voice little so I would not be heard above anyone else. Now I feel confident that with a bit of practice, I can sing along with people without any shame. She gave me the skills and the tips to help me to continue on my own. I feel like Whitney gave my voice to me.  She surprised and delighted me when she tuned in to my in-confidence intuitively, and saw exactly what I needed to bring forth.”
Sharyn, Entrepreneur

"I was looking more for a coach to help me to find my own voice and guide me through interpreting a song. I'd studied with classical singing teachers and in a choir, all of whom had a very academic approach- all our work was done through sight reading.   I got very excited when I saw that I could pick a song I wanted to sing- and that we wouldn't be using sheet music!   Whitney walked me through the beginning stage creating an atmosphere of comfort but at the same time demanding that I learn and achieve certain goals such as maintaining rhythm while singing. She encouraged me to stretch out of my comfort zone experimenting with my voice rather than just hitting notes. When I felt the vibration of my voice for the first in my stomach area I had a deep physical reaction, as if a block was moved out of the way. Since that experience I have felt more pleasure in singing more security and freedom with my own voice.  I am very grateful to Whitney for walking me through that beginning process, she is able to create an atmosphere of confidence joy and the necessary discipline needed."
Doris, 43
Dance Teacher, Choreographer

"Whitney is so grounded and present that I have no shyness to sing in front of her.   I've always wanted to sing, but made my voice little so I would not be heard above anyone else. Now I feel confident that with a bit of practice, I can sing along with people without any shame. She gave me the skills and the tips to help me to continue on my own. I feel like Whitney gave my voice to me.  She surprised and delighted me when she tuned in to my in-confidence intuitively, and saw exactly what I needed to bring forth."
Sharyn, 56
56, Entrepreneur

"As a performing musician and former dancer, the stage is not unexplored territory for me. But my voice was an instrument I felt unable to master - in fact, singing in public at all made me self-conscious! My first lesson with Whitney put me at ease immediately, my discomfort evaporated with her kind and encouraging wisdom, guidance and humor. Whitney introduced me to my own voice and its possibilities and I'm so grateful!"
28, English Teacher, Bass Player

"Before finding Whitney, I had spent 2 and a half years (and at least a thousand dollars) studying with teachers and singing materials.  I thought I at least knew how to sing with my diaphragm but Whitney showed me that I wasn't, but that it was simple to do. On our 3rd lesson I learned it well enough that I could put it into practice on my own, which gave me the confidence to sing and begin to explore my voice. The reality of it is that to date Whitney's course is probably the most worthwhile thing I've done in my study of the voice."
James, 26

“Anne is a remarkably gifted and dedicated teacher who fosters a love of music in - and brings hidden (and not so hidden) talents out of - her students. She encourages us to play from our hearts and inspires us to bring our own interpretations to what we're playing/singing. I'm learning to play songs I never thought I could, thanks to Anne. She's a rare teacher who, in her teaching, combines necessary rudimentary instruction, kindness, patience, love of music and genuine interest in her students' musical paths. My musical life has been enlivened and enriched by having Anne as a teacher and creative guide, and I highly recommend her!”
Kirsten W

“Anne taught me so much, she deserves to be bragged on”.
Tyler Harris

“Anne is able to teach Clay a lot and make it fun.  His music has given him something to feel good about.”
Karla Johnson

"Anne is one super talented lady! I never knew I'd enjoy the sound of a Telecaster until I heard one played by her hands! And she's also a "giant" on a Strat!"
Stella Frances O'Dell Price

"Anne has been teaching Parker (12) guitar for 2 years and he switches between acoustic and electric. His interests have branched out from guitar to trumpet and now piano based on the fundamentals and love of music Anne helped him develop. Her teaching style is effective and approachable. Parker enjoys her summer Guitar Camp, too. I would recommend her to all ages. I hope to sometime take lessons myself! She is a delight."
Christine Nelson

“Anne Coombs is an amazing talent. She has performed during many of our events. Her repertoire is extensive and she has been very open and flexible with client special requests. Anne’s musicianship and skill, both vocally and on guitar, is impressive, but it’s her attitude and willingness to accommodate the needs of our clients that keeps us coming back to her. I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation.”
Joe Lasher
President, M7 Event Solutions

"My daughter and I take lessons with Anne. My daughter plays electric guitar and I acoustic. My daughter has been a student since March and I recently started this summer. We love Anne because of her teaching style. She uses positive reinforcement to help build your confidence and makes you feel relaxed. She always has a smile for you and I think she would be a great instructor for anyone. My 13 year old daughter thinks she ROCKS! I think she is pretty cool myself."
Cindy Cannon and Aubrey Cannon

"Anne has been teaching my son, Thomas, a little over three years. He now plays both acoustic and electric guitars. Anne established a positive, relaxed rapport with Thomas from day one. Her gentle, supportive style of instruction is both motivating and fun! While Anne strives to improve the skills of her students, having fun is her primary goal. Thomas' experience with Anne has boosted his self-confidence and has spilled over into other musical endeavors in his middle school band. Thomas will tell anyone who asks that he is a musician: a guitarist, a percussionist and a pianist. Anne seems to be able to bring out the best in him and make him eager to learn more!"
Shelly Blackburn

"We've had our fair share of music teachers with three daughters. Each of them has offered something different and good. But I must say that Anne Coombs has brought all of the qualities that we've loved in our previous teachers together in one person. She's, first of all, a gifted musician in her own right and that's inspiring. She's committed to our daughter as if she were Anne's only student. She's able to motivate without imposing a burden, and for a busy teenage student this is vitally important. She's always positive and encouraging. Finally, Anne is such a nice person that you're glad to be taking lessons from her just to get to know her."
Beth McKinsey

Congratulations to Anne Coombs, the Music Academy and the Rock Academy! To my long time friend Anne Coombs. You have been a strong and much needed resource for our areas very talented young (and older) musicians. It has been a pleasure to be your friend for 20+years, band mate in Crimes of Fashion when you got your first electric guitar, landlady when you started the school so many years ago, and benefactor when times were tough. Your success warms my heart, keep on rocking this town!
Betsy Reiser - Retired Rocker
Owner/Broker of Appalachian Realty Associates